Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sunday Scavenger Hunt

Since we moved church to 1pm. fast Sundays became a bit more challenging for the kiddos. They were asking questions about fasting and so to make a fun way to teach it, I came up with a scavenger hunt. Now this is very simple, you can of course jazz it up if you want for all you jazzy people!

I just took like 15 scriptures on fasting and prayer and wrote down the book and verse it was found on a strip of paper. I hid them all over the house. I did put it on bright green paper so it was easier to spot. 
My kids love to read on their own from the scriptures so they had incentive to find as many as they could because then they could read that many. 
It was a great fun way to teach and they really liked it. So I thought I'd share. Actually Katie told me to share :) heehee

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